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ChargePoint Technology to launch AseptiSafe with HEPA LAF

28 May, 2015 | ChargePoint

ChargePoint Technology are pleased to announce the launch of AseptiSafe® with HEPA LAF, the latest addition to the ChargePoint AseptiSafe® range.

The new product, which will be launched at ACHEMA in June, protects sensitive products and processes from airborne particulate by incorporating HEPA Laminar Air Flow (LAF) across the valve interface.

AseptiSafe® is specifically designed to transport aseptic products or components in fill/finish aseptic processing and biotech sterile API production. The patented split valve technology ensures a closed environment at the point of transfer and throughout the handling and storage process. The new AseptiSafe® LAF combines the high containment properties of AseptiSafe® with HEPA filtered air to achieve total sterility confidence.

A remote filter/fan unit supplies air to the terminal HEPA filter hood positioned next to the valve interface. The HEPA filtered unidirectional cross flow of air ensures that clean air passes over the process and any particles shed by operators or from the process will be pushed away, keeping the product contamination free.

The AseptiSafe® pro has the added benefit of an in-board port which directs Grade A air across the valve. To provide added assurance, this air can be then extracted from a second port and returned to the air filtration unit in a closed loop system.