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ChargePoint Technology prides itself on the innovative technology it provides to powder transfer industries. Here you can find out further details on the individual technologies that make up our industry leading products. 

HiPure™ ULP7 film


A New PE Film for Bio-Pharma with Purity & Performance. HiPure™ ULP7 is a new pharma ready LLDPE film developed by ChargePoint Technology to meet the demands of even the most critical aseptic processing environments

HiPure™ ULP7 film image

Verifi Smart Monitoring


The VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub is a first-of-its-kind technology that ensures the safe and contamination-free handling of API and other formulation ingredients through equipment usage data.

Verifi Smart Monitoring image

Split Butterfly Valve Technology


A Split Butterfly Valve (SBV) or Containment Valve, provides a safe method of transferring product from one container or process vessel to another whilst minimising the levels of dust emission to the operating environment.

Split Butterfly Valve Technology image