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Maintaining your Critical Production Equipment- Don’t Overlook the Valve

11 October, 2018 | ChargePoint Technology

Do you invest enough time and pay attention to maintaining your split butterfly valves?

A significant amount of time and money is invested in your process equipment to protect your employees and maximise the quality of high value ingredients and formulations. You also invest a lot of resources into the regular maintenance of critical equipment, such as replacement of filters and seals in isolators, air locks and cleanroom HVAC- But do you invest enough time and pay the same attention to maintaining your split butterfly valves?

A split butterfly valve may be a smaller component of your overall process, but it is critical from the protection of the high value ingredients being transferred to the end-product you manufacture, as well as maintaining the safety of your employees.

Did you know that the consumable components that form the critical sealing interfaces in your ChargePoint valve need to be replaced regularly, in line with the amount of use? If these seats and O-rings are not replaced, then the sealing integrity could become compromised and cause a potential reduction in containment performance. Neglecting essential and regular maintenance for your split butterfly valve can therefore ultimately cost you a significant amount of production time, performance and money.

Using the 1:10:100 rule, you can gain an understanding of how much you could save with simple preventative maintenance: replacing your seals regularly to reduce the risk of containment failure. A replacement seal kit for a ChargePoint valve can cost as little as $350, meaning a saving of $3,500 on correcting the problem and a saving of $35,000 on containment failure.



There are some essential maintenance activities that should be carried out on your valve from the moment the production begins. These essential activities include routine wiping of disc faces, thoroughly cleaning active components and visually checking the seats after use. All essential maintenance activities can help ensure the valve preserves its validated (intended) level of performance and continuity of production.

ChargePoint make it simple for customers to maintain their valves with the help of VERIFi™, our smart monitoring hub that provides feedback on operation conditions and usage data; as well as providing maintenance and spares contracts, annual on-site audits and on-site Operator and Maintenance training for maintenance personnel.

To ensure you are achieving the performance you require for your production, contact the ChargePoint AfterCare™ team today to discuss your requirements.